Keep your original PAN Card and Aadhaar Card / Address Proof ready.

In video, applicant should show his PAN Card and both sides of Aadhaar Card / Address proof and bring it closer to the camera so that it is clearly readable by verification officers.

Applicant should also say his/her name, PAN number or Application ID and that he has applied for a digital signature.

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Video Recording Left seconds
Video recorded. Click on submit button to complete video verification process.

Click the record button and read the script below:
My name is
My DSC verification code is
I have applied for a Vsign DSC
My application ID is

Note: Documents shown in the DSC by either Applicant or Authorized Signatory should be readable and photo in PAN card should be clearly visible.

Please speak the verification code in Hindi or English only or write it on a paper and display it in the video.